• The tube is approved to be stand – alone or to function on a tube trailer or a multi-element gas container
  • The approval allows the tube to function in world-wide applications
  • The only large type 4 tube available that is DOT & ADR approved based on UN ISO 11515
  • Available for: Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, Neon, Oxygen etc.
  • Manufacturing is fully vertically integrated

Superior efficiency due to light weight materials and performance

  • Payload is 100% delivered because the tube passed the vacuum test
  • Permeability to gases very minimal and far surpassed the state-of-the-art
  • Patented technology with materials, design and methods

Adaptable to various sizes

  • The baseline is a 30 inch diameter 18’6” long tube for a 20 foot trailer
  • The length can be easily adjusted for custom containers
  • The diameter, length, pressure rating can be accommodated with minimal re-testing

Robust design

  • Passed the 1200 joule impact test and 50 caliber bullet test
  • Passed the bonfire test without the use of a PRD (pressure relief device)
  • Survived additional in-house environmental tests beyond the requirements
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