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As of July 7, 2021, it’s official; Cimarron Composites is now

Cimarron Composites has the expertise and capability to produce and test  virtually any advanced composite structure you need.

Cimarron Composites is a developer and producer of high quality, state-of-the-art composite products for a broad range of applications. This includes aerospace, defense, automotive and energy applications. We have an emphasis on filament-wound carbon fiber tanks and pressure vessels; however, we also produce hand-laid composite components, that are oven or autoclave cured, for UAV or satellite applications. Cimarron is producing and delivering composite tanks and pressure vessels that are currently in use for aerospace launch vehicles, as-well-as, containers for the transport of commercial gasses and liquids. We are constantly on the cutting-edge of composite technologies through the development of innovative patented manufacturing methods and with a myriad of proprietary in-house matrix resin formulations. Cimarron Composites has the unique knowledge and capabilities related to cryogenic conditions for composites and has developed all-composite tanks for liquid oxygen or liquid hydrogen applications. Cimarron is fortunate to have all the resources to design, manufacture, test and evaluate new products. We also have a good relationship with NASA, DARPA and local Universities concerning new R&D projects. Cimarron also provides manufacturing or testing services to other companies.