Cimarron Composites receives approval for Jupiter type 4 composite tube

It was developed under the guidelines of UN ISO 11515 without exceptions. The 2,276 liter, 250 bar tube passed all of the required tests, including the vacuum test, 1200 joule blunt impact test, 50 caliber bullet test and the bonfire test without a pressure relief device. Permeation tests were done with methane and nitrogen; however, the tube is approved to contain many other gasses including: hydrogen, helium, neon and argon. It has been approved to function stand-alone, in a tube trailer or in a multi-element gas container. Jupiter is the only large type 4 tube certified with this much versatility and world-wide acceptance. The 30” diameter, 18’6” long tube, packs well in containers and has the ability to unload 100% of its contents making it the most efficient and cost effective tube on the market.