Production Capabilities

  • Three ovens (8’x8’x8’; 8’x8’x16’; 8’x8’x50’)
  • 4’x15’ Autoclave rated 400F at 200 psi
  • Three 4-axis filament winding machines
  • Able to wind up to 6’ diameter and 50’ length
  • Advanced custom resin formulation

Cryogenic Testing

  • One stationary 20,000 psi LN2 testing system
  • Used for proof testing pressure vessels
  • One mobile 20,000 psi LN2 testing system
  • Used especially for field testing of large pressure vessels
  • In-house and portable LN2 reserves

Hydrostatic Testing

  • Three machines capable of reaching up to 40,000 psi
  • automated direct-expansion, cycle, and burst hydro-proof system
  • mobile hydro-burst testing system
  • Water jacket method hydrotest system
  • Extreme environment cycle-test system